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Moment-method analysis of printed circular wire-loop antenna using curved piece..

A computationally efficient method for analyzing printed wire-loop antennas on grounded diele..

A cylindrical Fresnel zone antenna

A cylindrical Fresnel zone antenna as a candidate for a base station in wireless indoor LAN s..

Numerical evaluation of the derivative of the parabolic cylinder function

We have presented numerically useful expressions for calculating the derivative of the parabo..

Simplified mutual impedance of nonplanar skew dipoles

By including the point charges at the ends of the nonplanar skew monopoles with sinusoidal cu..

A low-profile rectangular dielectric-resonator antenna

A rectangular dielectric-resonator antenna (DRA) with a very low profile (length-to-height ra..

Performance of aperture-coupled dual-patch microstrip phased arrays

This paper presents an analysis of infinite phased arrays of aperture-coupled two-layer dual-..

A higher order FDTD method for EM propagation in a collisionless cold plasma

A fourth-order in time and space, finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) scheme is presented fo..

An optimization approach to time-domain electromagnetic inverse problem for a s..

The one-dimensional electromagnetic inverse problem for a stratified dispersive and dissipati..

Calibration techniques for Olympus 20 GHz switched polarization satellite beaco..

A measurement of the complete transmission matrix of a slant path using a switched polarizati..

The effects of neglecting displacement currents when studying transient wave pr..

Diffusion approximations are often used to study the interaction of transient electromagnetic..